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Up2019 - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Support Crosspointe With Its Vision to reach out to the Indian Communities in Dallas!

UpConcert2019 services as a platform to help raise financial support to help Crosspointe acquire a new building to carry forth its vision of reaching out to the first generation Indians families, students and young professionals in the Plano region and beyond.

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As Jesus says, where two or three gather TOGETHER in my name, there I am with them. No matter what things our volunteers had planned for a Saturday evening that had a perfect texas like weather outside, they chose to gather together to practice, worship and pray for the “UP”coming event. The Crosspointe Fusion choir as they call themselves sang praises in unison and practiced songs in multiple Indian languages giving us the foretaste of heaven. The kids choir sounded like a chocolate glazed doughnut melting in your heart, they danced for the Lord and trust me you will dance with them at the concert, they are so pumped “UP”!

Finally we ended with a prayer lead by our Pastor and Leader Immanuel Thomas, who prayed for all the teams relentlessly working towards the event TOGETHER to build the kingdom of God. Come Together and support us at UP 2019 and as I said in the beginning God is with us!

More color more glitter!!

Painting got more fun as the pot sizes got bigger. The barren pots looked lively and vibrant with color and more color. Grateful that the Lord brings color to our lives with friends, family and so much more. Back to the pots now - To make them look rustic we added a tint of gold all over - and we finally imprinted beautiful Indian designs around these pots. An earthly piece of clay now becomes a remarkable piece of beauty representing God’s relentless, unconditional love towards His creation - He keeps working on us to make us beautiful and righteous like Him!!

The Art of Henna

HENNA, a temporary artwork drawn on the skin, is a major part of Indian culture. Women get beautiful designs on their hands and feet for special occasions. Henna is a natural dye made from the leaves of a henna plant and will last for a week or 8 days... Before weddings, women will often host a party where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs. Henna is also being used to tell God’s stories, the designs incorporate symbols representing key components—sin, God, forgiveness. Believers tell the stories as they apply the henna. Now, hundreds of women are writing His word not just on their hearts, but on their hands as well. So come and join us on October 26th 2019 at the UP BENEFIT Concert and get a Henna Tattoo!

Pot Painting

Crosspointe’s women of worth gathered on a cold wintry night at Rajesh and Mousmi’s cozy home to paint pots. We painted tiny pots with streaks of splashy colors and finished it with a tinge of gold. While painting the pots I was reminded of the our Potter who molds each one of us beautifully, vibrantly and uniquely.used to edify the body of Christ. Come on 26th October to witness this uniquely gifted bunch at our UP2019 Concert. God bless!

Worshipping Him

As we, the body of Christ prepare for the upcoming Up2019 Concert, our little Crosspointer's join the wave with their preparation for choir style performance along with their parents. Brother Benny who is part of the Crosspointe Worship team helped the church choir to focus on worshipping our God, as the focus is always Him and not us. We are encouraged to know how we are all, through His grace, blessed with different talents; which are ultimately used to edify the body of Christ. Come on 26th October to witness this uniquely gifted bunch at our UP2019 Concert. God bless!

Jewellery in the making...

Proverbs 3:15 ...reads "She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her." Our women at Crosspointe Indian Church have spent several hours making high quality jewelry to show case their God given talent and to use these jewels to raise support for the church on October 26th 2019. These jewels should remind not only the women but all of us, that God tells us that we are to HIM as valuable rare gem stones set in gold, we are important, and beautiful in His sight. May we continue to serve HIM and shine as jewels for HIS glory & praise! May we continue to be HIS jewels, peculiar people, trophies of HIS grace!

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Crosspointe Indian Church exists to passionately present Jesus Christ & make disciples of the first generation Asian Indian families, professionals and students in the greater Plano area & Beyond!

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